17 Burning Questions the Full House Revival Must Answer

Pop culture touchstone Full House is backmdashand itrsquos about time. Were we really supposed to accept ldquoMichelle doesnrsquot have amnesia anymorerdquo as a satisfying conclusion to the epic eight-year mystery that is this show? Not likely.

Sure, on the surface, Full House was a turn-of-the-rsquo90s sitcom about three men banding together to raise a family, but that squeaky clean exterior (cleaned by Danny Tanner himself) hid a labyrinth of riddles. For one: Whatrsquos with all the tragedy? Government conspiracy, or just the universe compensating for giving everyone really great hair?

EW has compiled the seriesrsquo most important loose ends and unanswered questions, all of which we hope to see resolved in Fuller House. Have mercy, Netflix.

How can a newscaster, a failed comedian, and a struggling musician afford one of the most expensive houses in the most expensive housing market in America? Why did no one notice when Jesse Cochranrsquos last name suddenly changed to Katsopolis? Have Nicky and Alex stopped buying matching clothes yet? Are they capable of independent thought? How much did it cost to repair the kitchen after Stephanie drove a car through itmdashand how did a newscaster, a failed comedian, and a struggling musician afford to fix one of the most expensive houses in the most expensive market in America? How did a man as paranoid and careful as Danny Tanner have a kid at 19 or 20? (Itrsquos true. The season 4 episode ldquoThe Graduates,rdquo in which D.J. graduates eighth grade, gives Dannyrsquos age as 33. This is also when Danny dates a 21-year-old college student, which we have no questions about except how to erase it from our memories.) How does Danny feel about vacuum technology in 2015? Has he sought treatment for his OCD? Is it really that easy to make the Beach Boys just appear? Donrsquot they have things to do? What are Jesse and the Rippers doing? Whatrsquos R.E.M. doing? (Not that R.E.M.mdashwe want the 60-year-old triplets who opened the Smash Club.) COMET WILL LIVE FOREVER, RIGHT? Whatever happened to predictability Michellersquos super-cool identical cousin from Greece? Who snapped, did the world a service, and burned Mr. Woodchuck? Is Becky running every national news outlet by now? If Duane is Kimmyrsquos husband, was his wedding vow ldquoWhateverrdquo? Where is Steve, and why didnrsquot D.J. marry him? What do the catchphrases mean? 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, ldquoYou got it dude,rdquo ldquoHow ruderdquo? Suspicious.

This article originally appeared on EW.com.

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